Black Spiders Lesson 11

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Some of my favorite moments in class are watching the interaction you have with your little ones! These moments may be more valuable than you realize. The play between parent and child contributes more significantly to a child’s learning ability than play with other children. This could be because your Infant and preschooler will use more behaviors that require a partner while playing with you. Thanks for spending your valuable time with us! Your presence here is powerful!

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The neural pathways in the brain are activated in response to a child’s experiences with their sensory systems. When a child is engaged with an activity, electrical signals are sent along nerve fibres from the body to the brain and then back again along the outgoing nerve pathways to the body. The more practice the nervous system has at receiving and sending messages, the more efficiently it operates and the more effectively a child acquires a skill. So, keep using our puppets and other visual aids to sing the songs, dance the dances, and chant the rhymes with your child, knowing that as you do, you are helping increase your child’s brain function!

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Optional home fun activity: Make the train puppet on page 33 in your workbook
(Remember, these activities are optional but can be a great bonding experience to do with your child during the week.)

For my convenience, I have preloaded content for the whole semester. I will update each future post with specific time-sensitive info before I send the link each week. If you choose to read ahead you might see details that don’t apply to your child’s class. For this reason I do not recommend reading ahead. Thank you!