Black Spiders Lesson 8


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Children learn through repetition. Their tolerance for the same activities/songs is quite high–and it is supposed to be! Without numerous repetitions, learning can be slowed or limited. To give your child the best learning advantage, make sure you are still listening to the CD at home/in the car and singing along!

Next week is Fall Break, so NO CLASSES!

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Why are name recognition activities beneficial to my child?

Nothing is more important to a child than his or her own name.  One of the best places to start when it comes to teaching young children how to read is to use names to teach letters and name recognition. Children are eager to learn to identify the letters in their own names first. A child who is eager is going to learn more quickly and retain more than a child who is not. In Sound Beginnings, students find their names on the wall as they come to class each week and sing their name in many songs and activities. Parents will need to offer some assistance with this at first, but with practice your young toddler will soon become familiar with finding his or her own name. 

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optional home fun activity

Lesson 8: Tambourine Dance coloring page on pg. 16

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Check out this list of 35 name activities for your preschooler learn to recognize and spell their name!

For my convenience, I have preloaded content for the whole semester. I will update each future post with specific time-sensitive info before I send the link each week. If you choose to read ahead you might see details that don’t apply to your child’s class. For this reason I do not recommend reading ahead. Thank you!