Day: February 17, 2021


What is Spirit Week? Spirit week is a way to celebrate accomplishment after all the hard work we’ve done. We are also celebrating the opening of registration for next semester by spreading the word of Let’s Play Music to all our friends and family! This is fun for everyone and [...]

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Gold Stars Lesson 12Gold Stars Lesson 12

ANNOUNCEMENTS: we have two more lessons in my home studio, then our lesson 15 will be a special Instrument Day at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center. Saturday May 4th 10:15am 7550 E Adobe Rd Mesa, AZ 85207 When you sing together in class, both your body and brain are benefiting [...]

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Gold Stars Lesson 11Gold Stars Lesson 11

Our instrument day is coming up. It should be on your calendar already for May 4th at 10:15am. Does your child have a favorite nursery rhyme or chant from class? According to one study, repeating and memorizing these simple rhymes has great value: “Experts in literacy and child development have [...]

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Gold Stars Lesson 9Gold Stars Lesson 9

I love teaching these classes! The bright, smiling faces of my students just fires me up for the rest of the day. Thank you so much for letting me teach your sweet children! Children are born with the desire to connect with those around them, and social development begins in [...]

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Gold Stars Lesson 8Gold Stars Lesson 8

Details about SPIRIT MONTH. Look here for more details and more ways to win. Spring Break is March 17-23rd. Registration for Fall classes is open now and classes are filling fast. Click here to enroll asap. Music and movement are great ways to interact with your child both in class [...]

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Gold Stars Lesson 7Gold Stars Lesson 7

NO CLASS NEXT WEEK – this is a schedule change that will push all our lessons forward on week. Our final class will be May 3rd. SPIRIT MONTH begins in March! Click the link for more details. Registration for Fall begins March 1st! Sound Beginnings recognizes the importance of imaginative [...]

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Gold Stars Lesson 6Gold Stars Lesson 6

Even preschool skills are introduced through play in a Sound Beginnings class! Play is among the most effective methods for acquiring new skills because it encourages repetition and experimentation, and feels natural and safe to children. March is SPIRIT Month! Registration for Fall begins March 1st. If you host a [...]

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