Red Balloons Lesson 10


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Thank you, thank you! I just can’t tell you how great your kids are. I know I keep bragging about them, but they have been so much fun and truly such wonderful students. In the Red Balloon Student Manual it states, “Young children will assimilate the concepts I introduce in class ONLY if they experience repetition and consistency at home during the week.” I can tell you parents are really trying to create consistency. Because of this, you will produce great musicians and fine children. Kudos to you!

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Five Fat Turkeys

We introduced this song today. It helps us feel that steady beat and soon we’ll find the SOL SOL DO hiding in it.

Baby Steps

The line to a space, or space to a line pattern tells us that we’re moving on the staff in baby steps. Today was exciting because we actually notated a baby step on the staff. The kids are “getting” it! It’s so fun to watch their minds take it all in!

Primary Chord Song

Today we played the autoharp independently – YUP! They played the autoharp all on the their own today as we practiced the “Primary Chords Song”! So exciting!


Today we notated baby steps on the staff. So for fun, we’d like to encourage you to get some playdough and have your child make 5 lines, 4 spaces and then some notes. You can use different colors or the same colors. It’s up to you. Then put the notes on the lines or spaces and see if you can make some babysteps!

Check out this video and see how this violin teacher helps her students with clay.

We have a treat for you that won’t cause cavities- it’s a Halloween coloring page.

For my convenience, I have preloaded content for the whole semester. I will update each future post with specific time-sensitive info before I send the link each week. If you choose to read ahead you might see details that don’t apply to your child’s class. For this reason I do not recommend reading ahead. Thank you!